Louisiana 811 Scholarship Program

Our Mission: The Mission of Louisiana 811 is to support the protection of our members’ facilities, the public, and the environment by providing excellent damage prevention services in a cost-effective manner.

Our Vision: The Vision of Louisiana 811 is to be a prominent leader in damage prevention through innovation, education and technology while providing excellent customer service.

LA811 Scholarship Eligibility

  • Applicants must be Louisiana residents and attend an accredited Louisiana high school, public or private.
  • Applicants must be seniors at their respective high schools.
  • Applicants must be planning to attend either a community college, an accredited trade school, or a four year, accredited, college or university by the following fall after graduation.


The application requires the student to complete the on-line application form that can be found at: scholarship.louisiana811.com. The student is to be the sole contributor to and creator of the submission document. Please note that all submissions will be the property of Louisiana 811 and used at our discretion.

The first portion of the on-line application requires the student to provide their contact information as well as the high school they are currently attending and the school they are planning on attending next fall.

The second portion of the application provides the opportunity to learn more about the student and their involvement in their high school and community. The student should concentrate on hobbies, favorite academic subject, and any information supporting that the student works with others as a team, demonstrates leadership skills, and/or has contributed to improving his/her community.

The third portion of the application is for the Essay (300 words or less). Describe how you would deliver and how you would stress the importance of the 811 Message, “Call Before You Dig”, to your peer group and/or family members.

The fourth and final portion of the application is for the Transcript. In addition to the application submission, students must provide a copy of their high school transcript(s) that can be uploaded to the site.

All applications must be received by Friday, March 29, 2024. Applications received after the due date or not submitted in their entirety will not be considered. Winners will be announced by a combination of phone, email, and written letter.

Submit your application at scholarship.louisiana811.com.

Scholarship dollars will be submitted directly to the educational institution indicated on your application after we receive proof of your registration. It will be the scholarship applicant’s responsibility to ensure the educational institution contacts us with this information. Proof of registration should be submitted to Cole Vanderlick at cole@laonecall.com. Please email Cole regarding any questions.